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Meet Me

Tamara is a real estate professional with 28 years of experience in helping people across all stages of life make positive moves between the places they call “home.” This business for her has always been about the clients. She says, “It’s important to choose a real estate agent who knows their stuff but also one who truly cares about the people involved.”

Buyers. With those who are looking for a new home, Tamara particularly enjoys seeing clients light up as they walk through a front door and hearing how they imagine their lives unfolding in a new space. Tamara is quite proficient in the business side of the work (like finances and legal documents), but the real joy for her is found in the moments of connection and belonging that come with changing spaces.

Sellers. With those who are hoping to sell a house, Tamara appreciates how a place has been someone’s home–the backdrop for memories and the set for home movies. She enjoys getting to know families and sharing in an important moment in their lives. Of the marketing aspect of her work, Tamara says, “I enjoy communicating the life that this home has provided and can offer to new people. My work is about sharing the value of a place not just in financial terms, but in a way that represents my clients’ sense of home.”

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Photo by Jill Nicole 2016

At home. She and her husband, Corky, live in the Augusta community and are both small business owners. He is the managing owner of C. A. Cook and Sons Body Shop in the old corner icehouse on Ohio Street and Main Street. In and around her own home, Tamara feels a deep sense of connection with nature, loves trees, and spends a lot of her free time either gardening or playing with her grandchildren.